SEVA Benchmarking Workshops 2013-15 and SEVA Wine Evaluation Event 2016

After successfully completing three SEVA Wine Benchmarking Workshops, we ran a SEVA Wine Evaluation Event in 2016.  The SEVA Wine Evaluation Event was not a competition, but a service to our members through which they can obtain technical, honest and objective feedback on their wines through a panel of the top winemakers in our area.

This was a departure from the previous benchmarking exercise, which involved members submitting their wines to be tasted blind, by the other SEVA members and industry professionals, in flights of wines of similar styles.

Those tasting generated written feedback, which was compiled into detailed reports for each wine. The reports were distributed to those who submitted samples, but only their wine (and a few commercial wines from outside SEVA used as comparisons) were identified to them; the rest remaining ‘anonymous’ to all but their producers.

To view the documents generated from the results of the 2013-15 benchmarking exercises, please click on the files below:


SEVA Benchmarking Workshop 2015 – Results Summary


SEVA Benchmarking Workshop 2014 – Results Summary


1-1. Benchmarking outline

2. Benchmarking wines

3. Still wine tasting sheet

4. Sparkling wine tasting sheet

5-2. Analysis of overall tasting scores

6. SEVA Dry Still White Summary

7-1. SEVA Off Dry Summary

8. SEVA Red Rose Summary

9. SEVA Sparkling White Summary

10. SEVA Sparkling Rose Summary

11. SEVA Dry Still White Results

12. SEVA Off Dry Results

13-3. SEVA Red Rose Results

14. SEVA Sparkling White Results

15. SEVA Sparkling Rose Results

Dry Still White-1

Off Dry

Red Rose

Sparkling Rose

Sparkling White

The benchmarking event replaced the South East Wine of the Year Competition, which was last held in 2012.

Please contact Belinda Mercer, General Secretary on, for further information about the event.