SEVA Vineyards App

The Free SEVA iPhone App, the first interactive iPhone App guide to SEVA’s vineyards and wineries can be downloaded from the Apple Store or by clicking onto the following link:

The App gives the user a map with all vineyards on it shown in proximity to their location. It gives details about vineyard opening times, wines available, a bit of background and contact details, amongst other information. It also lists retailers of English Wine as well as wineries.

The App has been funded by the SEVA Initiative Fund, a fund set up to encourage people to undertake projects for the benefit of the industry as a whole. This is an annual fund with an invitation to tender, all bids are considered for suitability by the committee and the funds are awarded to the project which looks to be of most benefit to the industry. For more details about the initiative fund, please contact Belinda Mercer General Secretary SEVA at