Joining Costs

 How much does it cost to join the SEVA?

SEVA is one of the Regional Associations of the UKVA and members are required to pay an annual fee to both organisations as follows, for either Commercial or Amateur membership. PLEASE NOTE: UKVA Fee and SEVA Fee should be added together and paid at the same time to the SEVA.

Commercial Members

  • UKVA Fee £42.00
  • UKVA Levy £x – Calculated as per instructions below – applicable to vineyards over 0.1 hectares
  • SEVA Fee £75.00
  • Total = £sum of the above

Amateur Members (see definition below)**

  • UKVA FEE £42.00
  • SEVA FEE £30.00 (See definition below)**
  • Total = £70.00



  • UKVA fee applicable to all members: £42.00 membership
  • UKVA Vineyard Hectarage Levy: £7.50 per tenth of hectare planted applicable to all members with planted vineyard (payable to a maximum of 7ha). This is calculated on the plantings at time of application and re-assessed at every subsequent renewal on 1st April unless exempt *

* Levy exemption – If the planted vineyard area is 0.1 hectare or less.


  • SEVA Commercial Members – £75.00
  • SEVA Amateur** members – £30.00

** SEVA Amateur definition – Students of Wine-related courses (not including WineSkills courses) and those who do not derive, and do not intend to derive, an income either directly or indirectly from viticulture, production or marketing of English Wine. If you do not qualify under this definition then commercial member rates apply. Please note that Amateur SEVA Members (except students) may not claim any subsidy on WineSkills workshops, masterclasses or mentoring. Student membership is at the discretion of the SEVA, and proof of course attendance may be required.

Subscriptions are due on the 1st April each year. Those joining for the first time between the first of October of one year and the end of March the next year, will pay on a pro-rata basis for the remaining part of the membership year, calculated from the beginning of the joining month to 31 March the following year.


The above SEVA and UKVA amounts should be combined into single total and sent in a cheque made payable to the ‘South East Vineyards Association’ with your application form, or paid by BACS. If you wish to pay by BACS, please contact us for the bank details (email, and send the application form (which can be completed electronically) by email to the Administrator, at: or post to:

Belinda Mercer, SEVA General Secretary, c/o Chris Foss, Plumpton College, Ditchling Road, Plumpton, BN7 3AE.

Annual Subscription renewals: Subscription renewals must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. A late payment surcharge equivalent to 100% of the SEVA fee (£75.00 in 2015/16 for commercial members) for those paying after 60 days of the original invoice date is applicable. Those still owing subscription fees after 90 days of the subscription invoice date will have their membership withdrawn; a re-joining fee equivalent to 100% of SEVA fees, in addition to the normal SEVA fee, will be payable.